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Necoflex RAM™ Radon Barrier System

The Necoflex RAM™ Radon, Air and Moisture Protection System effectively forms a radon barrier that seals all three critical areas of ground-floors in buildings: - Walls, Floors & Penetrations (Service and Structural), thereby ensuring the necessary degree of separation between the interior spaces of a building and the underlying soil.

Until now the options for sealing the ground-floors and foundations of new buildings have been limited. Typically a single radon barrier membrane has been fitted across the entire footprint (including walls). Depending on the barrier membrane type, this can often mean an over-specification in some areas of the construction, while other areas such as walls, corners and penetrations end up with considerably less than required to effectively exclude radon, air and moisture.

Designers and builders can now solve these ground-floor sealing problems, in a cost-effective manner, by dividing the task into 3 simple steps, sealing walls, floors and service penetrations.

Sealing Walls and Designed Cavities  Sealing Floors  Sealing Services and Penetrations

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