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Final Connection to the Easi-Sump Cap-Link

To complete the installation fit the externally located Easi-Sump Cap-Link to the 110mm PVC-U pipe leading to the sub-floor Easi-Sump radon sump.  This pipe should be cut to finish flush with the finished surface of the external wall (see drawings below). 

Final Connections - Easi-Sump Cap-Link

Final Connections - EasiSump CapLink

The 101mm recommended dimension, (see drawings above), between the external face of the wall and the central drill location mark on the Easi-Sump Cap-Link cover, facilitates the use of standard pipe fitting for a Radon Vent Pipe (RVP) if one is required at a later date.

The cover of the Easi-Sump Cap-Link is supplied already in position, with stainless steel screws pre-fixed. This is to prevent:

  • Tampering and/or unauthorised interference; 
  • Rain penetration and/or vermin entry into the subfloor network of the building.

There is no need to open these screws when installing the Easi-Sump Cap-Link.

When a Radon Soil Gas Control System is being activated, a circular section of the cover is removed to install a Radon Vent Pipe. This section is of sufficient size to accept a 110mm PVC-U pipe, with a small clearance all around. A central drill locator mark in the cover facilitates removal on site.


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