Radon Barrier Protection Strategy - Necoflex

Seal The Radon Sump Opening Through The External Wall Of The Building

Before connecting the Easi-Sump radon sump to an Easi-Sump Cap-Link, however, a 110mm pipe exiting a building must be installed in a masonry opening which should:

  • Be of sufficient size – to accommodate any reasonable construction settlement during the building’s lifecycle which might interfere with the pipe;
  • Have adequate structural support above the opening – in order to prevent any damage being caused to the pipe from masonry loading overhead;
  • Have an approved flexible seal between the pipe and masonry – in order to avoid the possibility of drawing in air from the exterior thereby reducing the effectiveness of an activated radon soil gas control system. Provide 50mm to 60mm clearance around the pipe to allow for sealing.

Beyond this exit point from the building, all pipework must be gastight.

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