Radon Barrier Protection Strategy - Necoflex

Establish An External Position For The Easi-Sump Cap-Link

When deciding on an appropriate external location for the Easi-Sump Cap-Link, it is essential to avoid re-entry of radon gas into interior spaces should a Radon Vent Pipe (RVP) be installed at a later time in the building’s lifecycle. The following constraints would apply when a Radon Soil Gas Control System is activated:

  1. There should be no openings into a building, e.g. windows, vents, or vertical control joints, less than 300mm from any part of the RVP.
  2. The terminal unit of the radon vent pipe should be positioned at least 300mm above the surface of the roof and 900mm above any window or other opening into the building. It should be located at least 3m away from any window or opening that is less than 900mm below the terminal unit (see diagram below).
  3. All exposed and visible vertical RVP’s should be clearly identified for what they are - A Radon Soil Gas Control System.

External Position of Easi-Sump Cap-Link 


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