Radon Barrier Protection Strategy - Necoflex

Best Practice 4 - What you do if you need to activate the radon soil gas protection system.

If, at any stage throughout the lifecycle of the building, you need to take action to reduce high radon soil gas levels, this can be readily achieved by extending the pipework which terminates in the Easi-Sump Cap-Link to a new termination point above the building.
An in-line extractor fan is installed and when this is activated the radon soil gas is diluted harmlessly into the atmosphere above the building.

You’ll find that a circular section of the Easi-Sump Cap-Link cover can be removed on site to install the Radon Vent Pipe. A central drill locator mark in the cover of the Easi-Sump Cap-Link facilitates removal. This cut-out section is of sufficient size to accept a 110mm PVC-U standard pipe. Once you connect the external RVP, with in-line fan, to the Easi-Sump Cap-Link the link to the sub-floor pipework and Easi-Sump is completed

Key Component: You should connect an external Radon Vent Pipe (RVP) with an in-line extractor fan to the Easi-Sump Cap-Link which has been installed during construction at ground level outside the building.

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