Monarflex Kederflex Temporary Roof Covering

Monarflex Kederflex Clear - High performance temporary roof covering

Monarflex® Kederflex is a temporary covering system for roofs and facades that serves as a climate shield and work site containment to keep the weather elements out of the work site and at the same time contains any objects or debris from escaping the work area to harm for the surroundings at street level.

The special Kederflex material is not just a containment sheeting it´s also simple to install due to its low friction keder bands and unique Monarflex eyelets that allows proper and secure fixing. Once installed the Kederflex offers the perfect work climate with plenty of natural light despite being white tinted due to its flame retardant additives. At end of life cycle it can be reused thanks to its environmentally friendly halogen free composition. All this makes it the ultimate covering material available.

Features & Benefits

  • The economical choice in Keder sheeting.
  • Durability from its strong reinforced structure.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy and fast installation due to its special low friction keder bands and light composition.
  • Environmentally friendly as it uses the latest polymer technology.
  • Perfect "on site“ work climate for workers due to the unmatched light transmission for a temporary keder sheeting.
  • Wind noise reduction properties due to the unique Monarflex eyelets – possibility to fasten the sheeting in the center.
  • Premade repair kit for small damaged areas.
  • Choosing The Right Product

     Duration of building project
    Placement of
    building site
    < 3
    3 - 6
    6 - 12
    > 12 
    Surrounded by high buildings
    Urban / industrial area  
    Coast / Offshore area
    Temporary roof
    covering system
  • Product Range

    The Monarflex Kederflex Clear is made from a three ply composition with the two outer layers being made from a special highly weather resistant copolymer halogen free flame retardant LDPE mix that encapsulates an extremely strong polyester (PET) high tenacity grid which forms the weather protection layer. On top of the sheet there are rubber fixing eyelets that, if needed, help secure the Kederflex in high winds. The eyelets, which are a patented solution, are welded onto the sheet to provide the strongest and most durable eyelet fixing on the market. 

    Product Code Description Unit Size m² Roll Weight

    Kederflex Clear
    3101834 Kederflex 2.57 x 15m (clear) 38.55 14kg
    3101835 Kederflex 2.57 x 20m (clear) 51.4 19kg
    3101836 Kederflex 2.57 x 25m (clear) 64.25 23kg
    3101837 Kederflex 2.57 x 30m (clear) 77.1 28kg
    3101829 Kederflex 3.07 x 15m (clear) 46.05 17kg
    3101831 Kederflex 3.07 x 20m (clear) 61.4 22kg
    3101832 Kederflex 3.07 x 25m (clear) 76.75 28kg
    3101833 Kederflex 3.07 x 30m (clear) 92.1  33kg

    Kederflex Accessories
    3101838 Kederflex repair kit HFFR (A3 size)    
  • Product Data, Performance & Durability

    Performance Data:
    Material: Co-polymer halogen free PE
    Reinforcement: 6 x 8mm mesh from PET
    Roll widths: 1m, 2.57m, 3.02m, 3.07m
    Roll lengths: 15, 20, 25 and 30 m
    (custom lengths available on demand)
    Bead sizes: 8, 10 and 12mm bead sizes available
    Colour: Transparent
    Weight per m²: 360 g/m²
    Tensile strength: MD: >700N/50mm
    CD: >900N/50mm
    Eyelet pullout: 1400N
    Tear Resistance (N): > 400N
    Keder bead pullout strength: >1400 N/100mm
    Light Transmission: > 90%
    Applications: Keder rail roof cover system



    Monarflex Kederflex Clear can be used for all types of long-term projects exceeding 12 months. The product is designed to cope with the severe weather conditions found on a roof. The combination of high quality components forms a tough and durable sheeting for all working conditions. By using Monarflex Kederflex Clear, you can meet deadlines and avoid economical surprises regardless of the weather.

    Quality Assurance

    Monarflex Kederflex HFFR is manufactured under a Quality Management System approved to ISO 9001: 2000 by BSI Quality Assurance.

  • Application & Fixing Details

    Monarflex Kederflex sheeting is available in widths which form a system that suits most standard scaffold Keder systems. The Kederflex sheeting is applied by “threading” the Kederflex bead into the rail track scaffold Keder frame and simply pull it from one side to the other of the roof using a rope fixed to a rod which is placed in the pre-formed back fold pockets on the Kederflex sheeting. In case of high snow loads these should be removed from the surface to reduce weight strain on the scaffold structure and Kederflex sheeting.

    Fixing Details

    Kederflex-Fixing-Details1. Steel eyelet.

    2. Monarflex Eyelets - secure noise reduction and safe passage for the water.

    3. Half ring cutouts – for safe and easy installation, fasten the installation rod with pulling wires. 

    4. Steel eyelet couple – to pull the sheet down to decking level. May also be used to fasten the sheets.

    5. Keder cord – in low friction band for ease of installation with a standard 12 mm bead

    6. Backfolding, B – to pull out the sheet on the scaffold structure during installation.

  • Accessories

    The well known special designed Monarflex Accessories are also available for the Kederflex to ensure a proper and correct installation. The unique Monarflex eyelets in the centre of the Kederflex sheeting can be used for securing flapping movement by the use of the Monarflex Polytoggle that’s a watertight accessory that clicks into the Monarflex eyelet. It ensures an easy way of tying the sheeting down with rope or similar. 

    Repair Kit

    kedeflex-repair-kitIn case of damage to the Kederflex sheeting a pre made "Repair kit" is available as a separate accessory.

    The repair kit is a patch in the size 2 x A4 with high strength self-adhesive tape for a wind and water tight solution. 

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