Monarflex scaffold sheeting, containment netting and temporary roof covering range

Scaffold Sheeting Installation Advice

Professional scaffold design advice should always be sought prior to commencing work, and a full risk assessment of each project should be carried out.

For Weather Protection

If the prime purpose is to protect personnel against wind and rain, then upper sheets must overlap the lower sheets externally to ensure rain runs down the outside of the sheeting.

For Containment

If the prime purpose is to protect the surrounding area from the impact of demolition then the upper sheets must overlap lower sheets internally to contain debris within the sheeting.

Scaffolding Design

When Monarflex scaffold sheeting is to be installed, the structure must be designed to all relevant BS standards & codes of practice to accommodate the increase in wind loadings. Guidance should always be obtained by a qualified scaffold designer, or structural engineer before any sheeting is installed, and not before a full risk assessment has been carried out.

Only qualified Scaffolders should undertake the installation of Monarflex scaffold sheeting.

General Notes


1. Professional advice should always be sought prior to commencing work.
2. A full risk assessment of each project should always be carried out.
3. Sheeting should be Installed on the outside of scaffold framework.
4. Eyelets must face outwards.
5.Use only original branded Monarflex fixings.
6. A minimum of one fixing per metre in each direction should be achieved.
7. All scaffold ends should be sheeted.
8. Do not over-stretch fixing straps/ties.

Installation Advice

Recommended installation of Monarflex scaffold sheeting and the number of fixings required, when installing the sheeting. All Monarflex scaffold sheeting should be installed in accordance with the current British standard code of practice for nets and sheets BS 8093, and the subsequent revisions in BS 7955, which states that a minimum of one scaffold sheeting fixing should be used per metre, in each direction.

All of the Monarflex scaffold sheeting range are designed as temporary protection products, the sheeting should be installed on the outside of the scaffolding, with the eyelets on Super T-Plus or reinforced bands on Scaffband or Stripe facing outward, this will allow the sheeting to detach in high winds, as per its design, alleviating the build up of pressure on the structure. The eyelets and bands have been positioned on the sheeting with a view that sheeting is installed horizontally. However the performance of the sheeting will not be impaired if installed vertically provided the one fixing per metre in each direction is achieved.

Monarflex Super T-plus products installed in conjunction with the Anchor & Strap fixings have been wind tunnel tested, whereby the sheeting and fixings withstood hurricane force winds up to 77mph, at which point the eyelets / Anchor & Straps gave way, as per its design. It is worth noting that the wind speed in the tunnel was steadily increased, subsequent research by the BRE has established that gusting conditions of approximately 40 mph plus can cause structural damage, gusts in this region will be sufficient to break the fixings and remove the sheeting.

Monarflex Scaffband standard and FlameSafe installed in conjunction with the Monarflex blue flexitie is our economy scaffold sheeting and fixings, neither product has been wind tunnel tested, both are of a lower tensile strength to the Monarflex Super T-Plus & Anchor & Strap, however both meet the minimum standards as required by the current BS Standards. Although Monarflex Scaffband scaffold sheeting and the Flexitie meet all of the current requirements, it is worth pointing out that a lower wind speed than 40 mph will be sufficient to potential remove the sheeting from the structure.

All of the Monarflex scaffold sheeting range are temporary protection products designed to detach, with the exception of TRC and Kederflex..


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