Icopal Monarflex self adhesive eyelets

Monarflex Self-Adhesive Eyelet - The unique versatile fixing solution

Monarflex self-adhesive eyelet is the simple solution that allows for the versatile fixing of any Monarflex sheeting where either eyelet or reinforcing band is not in a position to provide the optimal fixing point in e.g. a corner or overlap situation. The eyelet pullout strength will be a minimum 85% of a pre-applied eyelet and completely comparable to that of the banded reinforced Monarflex products.

Features & Benefits

  • Flame retardant
  • Long term durable fixing
  • Will stick to any Monarflex scaffold sheeting
  • Quick and easy to install
  • UV stabilized.


Monarflex self-adhesive eyelets can be used with the following systems:

  • Monarflex Ico-Scaff, Scaffband, Super T Plus, TRC, Kederflex and Monarsound scaffold sheeting

Product Availability

 Product Code  Description Pack Quantity
 3100763  Monarflex Self-Adhesive Eyelets 10



Monarflex self-adhesive eyelet is easy to install. First ensure that the surface of the Monarflex scaffold sheeting is dry and clean to ensure optimal adhesion of the eyelet to the sheeting. The application temperature is down to 0°C, but recommended temperature is 5°C to get the best initial tack. The product will require 1 hour to achieve full bonding strength.

First start with simply bending the eyelet 180° backwards on itself till the paper release film cracks and splits to make it easy to remove. Then place the eyelet in the desired position. It’s recommended that the eyelet is never placed less than 100 mm from centre of the eyelet to the edge of the sheeting to retain the superior eyelet pullout strength achieved with the Monarflex sheeting.

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