Icopal Monarflex Flexitie Scaffold Sheeting Accessories

Monarflex Flexitie

Monarflex Flexitie - The standard fixing choice for short term use.  

Monarflex Flexities are blue multi-strand elastic cords with a high tenacity polyester cover and high impact toggle with a hook at each end. The Monarflex Flexitie is suitable for short term use in areas where the scaffold and the scaffold sheeting is not exposed to high winds and constant stress of the fixing which may impact on the durability of the tie. The Monarflex Flexitie should be used in conjunction with the standard to mid range products such as Monarflex Scaff Band or Stripe FireSmart.

Features & Benefits

  • The Monarflex Flexitie is designed to break at high wind speeds allowing the sheeting to detach from the scaffold thus preventing the scaffold from potential dangerous risks and damage.
  • The economical choice that is suitable for short term projects such as demolition jobs.
  • The Monarflex Flexitie has been designed with the weather in mind so that it will withstand the normal rigors of the seasons from summer to winter.
  • The Monarflex Flexitie is flexible and easy to fix thanks to its design with an elastic cord and high resistant piercing toggle for easy penetration of the Monarflex sheeting at designated fixing points.
  • The Monarflex Flexitie is the reliable fixing that is strong and durable and compliant with the requirements of the minimum demands of the BS7955. 
  • The Monarflex Flexitie bears the Monarflex brand name on each Flexitie making sure you will not be using an imitation.


Monarflex Flexitie fixings can be used with the following scaffold sheeting systems:

  • Monarflex Icoscaff,
  • Monarfex Scaffband

Product Availability

 Product Code  Description Pack Quantity
 3002977  Flexities 100
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