Monarflex scaffold sheeting, containment netting and temporary roof covering range

British Standards

One thing you really need to be aware of when using scaffold sheeting is safety and the British Standards. These standards were setup by the British Standards Institute with advice from the Health and Safety Executive and the National Association of Scaffolding Contractors. Its aim is to protect construction workers and the general public from harm.

The main two are,

BS 7955:1999 Containment nets and sheets on construction works. Specification for performance and test methods.

BS 8410:2007 is the Installation Code of practise for lightweight temporary cladding for weather protection and containment of construction works.

When attaching Monarflex sheeting you should make sure you do so in accordance with the BS 8410 Standard, this standard gives recommendations and guidance on how to install lightweight temporary cladding systems on construction sites. Which states, along with other guidance, that a minimum of one scaffold sheet fixing should be used per metre in any direction.

The BS 7955 details the specification requirements of the sheeting for example minimum tensile strength, attachment points and the fixing themselves are specified The material must have a minimum tensile strength of 630 Newton’s in each direction (machine and cross direction), the eyelets should withstand a minimum of 500 Newton’s and the fasteners should withstand a minimum of 500 Newton’s.

For the purpose of this British Standard, the following definitions apply. Containment net intended to restrain small objects, or tools and debris, to restrict dust, to reduce the effects of weather, to provide protection for persons from falling objects. Containment/ impervious sheet intended to protect a structure from inclement weather, to contain dust and other pollution, to prevent small objects, tools and debris from falling, and to reduce the risk of persons falling from scaffold platforms

The above standards and the LPS fire standards apply to the majority of Monarflex sheeting & fixings .The LPS standards describe methods of tests and performance requirements with regard to flammability. The requirements set are those which should ensure that scaffold cladding materials such as sheeting and netting used during construction, refurbishment or demolition of buildings should not add to the fire risk (please see relevant data sheet).

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