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Xtra-Load Alumite Gas DPC

Xtra-Load Alumite is a high performance gas resistant polymer modified bitumen damp proof course that also provides resistance to Radon, Methane and CO2.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides resistance to Radon, Methane and CO2.
  • Good tensile strength.
  • Excellent elongation at break.
  • Resistant to tearing.
  • Use in low and medium compressive load situations.
  • Compatible with all forms of DPM.
  • Joints and seals easily.
  • Excellent mortar adhesion.
  • High water vapour resistance.
  • Compatible with Xtra-Load Pre-formed Cavity Tray Units. 

Product Availability

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
2001222 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 100mm 8m x 0.100m 3.22kg
2003479 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 113mm 8m x 0.113m 3.63kg
2001224 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 150mm 8m x 0.150m  4.82kg
2001225 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 225mm 8m x 0.225m  7.24kg
2001227 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 300mm 8m x 0.300m  9.65kg
2003481 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 338mm 8m x 0.338m  10.87kg
2001228 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 400mm 8m x 0.400m 12.86kg
2001376 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 450mm 8m x 0.450m  14.47kg
2001230 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 500mm 8m x 0.500m  16.08kg
2001232 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 600mm 8m x 0.600m  19.30kg
2001234 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 750mm 8m x 0.750m  24.12kg
2001223 Xtra-Load Alumite DPC 1000mm 8m x 1.00m  32.16kg


Product Data and Performance

Performance Data:
Nominal Thickness: 1.4 - 3mm
Colour: Fine silica sand both sides
Nominal Weight: 4.022 Kg/m²
Tensile strength: MD  675N/mm²
TD   390N/mm²
Elongation at break: MD  34%
TD   26%
Low temperature flexibility: MD  -5°C


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