Monarflex RMB350 - Radon Barrier Membrane

Monarflex RMB350 - Radon Barrier Membrane

Monarflex RMB350 is a high quality loose-laid radon resisting membrane made from blends of virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE).

When used in a new building as part of the Necoflex RAM™ system, it provides an effective barrier to the passage of radon, air and moisture from the underlying soil.

Features & Benefits

  • Reinforced multi-layer membrane with high tensile and tear strength.
  • High radon gas resistance.
  • High performance moisture vapour barrier.
  • Enhances the overall air-tightness performance of a building.
  • Available in 4 metre wide roll (unfolded) which means quicker installation and fewer joints.
  • Fully compatible with the Necoflex RAM System.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
3004408 Monarflex RMB350 2m x 25m 18kg
3004409 Monarflex RMB350 4m x 25m 36kg


Product Data and Performance

Monarflex RMB350 is manufactured from 3 layers of virgin low-density polyethylene (LDPE) with a 12 x 12mm multi-filament polyester (1100 dtex) reinforcing grid between, to give high strength and tear resistance.

Performance Data:
Colour: Red (top side)
Black (underside)
Thickness: 0.35mm
Weight: 355g/m²
Tensile Strength: >450N/50mm
Tear Resistance: >405N
Elongation: <19%
Moisture Vapour Transmission: 0.03 g/m²/day
Water Vapour Resistance: >680MNsg-1
Radon Gas Transmittance: 16x10-9 m/s-1
Radon Gas Permeability: 5.6x10-12 m2/s


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