Monarflex Reflex Super - Radon Barrier Membrane

Monarflex Reflex Super - Radon Barrier Membrane

Monarflex Reflex Super radon barrier is a high performance, loose-laid membrane developed specifically for use in the foundations of new buildings on contaminated sites where landfill gases exist e.g. methane and CO2 (please contact Necoflex for specific application guidance).

Features & Benefits

  • A robust multi-layer membrane, 0.4 mm thick with reinforcement, can handle moderate to heavy foot traffic.
  • Exceptional gas resistance properties. Suitable for radon and the range of gases associated with landfill sites.
  • High performance moisture vapour barrier.
  • Enhances the overall air-tightness performance of a building.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
3002764 Monarflex Reflex Super 2m x 50 42g


Product Data and Performance

Monarflex Reflex Super radon barrier membrane comprises 6 individual layers. These include 4 layers of virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE) film, a 12 x 12mm multi-filament polyester (1670 dtex) reinforcing grid and a 12µm aluminium foil layer. The all-important aluminium layer is what gives Reflex Super its exceptionally high gas resisting properties. It is sandwiched carefully between two layers of polyethylene for extra protection. Monarflex Reflex Super should be used in conjunction with Alumite Gas DPC.

Performance Data:
Colour: Grey
Thickness: 0.4m
Weight: 461g/m2
Tensile Strength: 640N/50mm
Tear Resistance: > 480
Elongation: <26%
Moisture Vapour Transmission: <0.03 g/m²/day
Radon Gas Transmittance: 1x10-9 m/s-1
Radon Gas Permeability: 0.4x10-12 m2/s
Methane Transmittance: <0.001cm3 /hm2 /atm


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