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Easi-Loadâ„¢ Radon DPC

Easi-Load Radon DPC has been designed using thermoplastic co-polymer technology to give effective protection where a radon, air and moisture seal must pass through masonry walls. It is particularly suitable for cavity wall construction and can be used at all floor/wall junctions. As well as offering high radon, air and moisture vapour resistance, Easi-Load™ Radon DPC also has a high tear strength, will not extrude under load and provides excellent mortar adhesion. Rolls are 900mm x 20m. Ends should be overlapped by 100mm and sealed using a single strip of Monobond RT 30mm tape.  

Easi-Load Radon DPC has similar radon gas resistance properties to Necoseal, RMB350 and RMB400. If selecting Monarflex RAC or Reflex Super for their superior gas resisting performance, it is recommended that Alumite Gas DPC is used instead of Easi-Load to ensure consistency. Additionally, special consideration should be given to corner details (Please contact our technical support team for further guidance).

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a robust Radon DPC for masonry walls and ensures correct specification at floor / masonry wall junctions.
  • Fully meets I.S. 57 for Polythene DPCs.
  • Tested using radon gas and certified by NSAI.
  • Available in 900mm wide roll format to allow full cavity seal.
  • Fully compatible with all Monarflex radon, air and moisture membranes.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
3007143 Easi-Load Radon DPC 0.9m x 20m 9kg
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