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Monobond RT Double Sided Tape

Monobond RT is a double-sided radon resisting butyl sealant tape designed for sealing joints in Monarflex RAC, Reflex Super, RMB400, RMB350 radon barrier membranes, and Easi-load™ Radon DPC. Rolls are 30mm x 30m, are blue in colour with white release paper which bear the product name.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent dynamic shear and peel strength for maximum performance both prior to covering the membrane and when in service.
  • High radon gas resistance.
  • High performance moisture vapour seal.
  • Enhances the overall air-tightness performance of a building.
  • Fully compatible with the Necoflex RAM System.
  • Will bond in cold conditions.
  • Remains flexible in service.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Pack Size Weight
3004413 Monobond RT Tape (30mm x 1.5mm x 30m) 10 rolls per box 3.0kg
3002890 Monobond RT Tape (70mm x 2.0mm x 15m) 6 rolls per box  3.6kg


Product Data and Performance

Product Data:
Colour: Blue
Thickness: 1.5mm / 2.0mm


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