Icopal SA Bitumen Primer

Icopal SA Bitumen Primer is a low viscosity, black, quick drying bitumen priming solution consisting of high quality bitumen’s and hydrocarbon solvents. The product is supplied in 4.5 kg tins.

Intended Uses

Icopal SA Bitumen Primer is designed to penetrate and seal dusty or porous substrates of masonry, concrete, cementitious screeds or renders, existing bituminous or asphalt waterproofing, structural steelwork and other metals, prior to the application of heat activated self-adhesive bituminous membranes..  

Product Availability

Product Code Description Container Size
3007163 Icopal SA Bitumen Primer 4.5kg drum


Technical Details

Product Data:
Colour: Black/brown
Coverage Rate: 4 – 10m²/kg depending on ambient conditions
Drying Time: 5 - 30 minutes (depending on conditions)


Surface Preparation

Ensure the substrate is structurally sound, free of surface laitance, oils, grease, dirt, moss, lichen, and loose material.

The surface should be smooth and free from sharp projections and loose debris, and any material which would hinder adhesion..


Icopal SA Primer is ready for use and should not be diluted. Using a brush or roller apply Icopal SA Primer at a rate of 100-300 g/m² depending on type and absorbency of substrate. Apply a thin coat and avoid pooling. Primer to be dry to touch prior to application of the self adhesive membrane. Icopal SA Primer should not be applied to wet surfaces.

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