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Easi-Sump Radon Sump - Soil Gas Control System

Easi-Sump has been developed to provide a simple and effective way to remove radon from the foundations of a building. It is intended for use where a post-construction radon test indicates high levels. Easi-Sump can be activated, if necessary, by adding an in-line extractor fan. 

Features & Benefits

  • Fully tested and certified by the NSAI.
  • Guaranteed to maintain a void in the hard-core for future radon extraction if required.
  • Unique patented design with large open base - prevents the void being filled with hard-core and blinding as can happen with sumps that have pre-drilled side walls.
  • Designed for easy stacking and transport.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Dimensions Pack Size
3003013 Easi-Sump 380mm x 124mm Each






Easi-Sump Cap-Link

Easi-Sump Cap-Link provides an easily indentifiable connection point for the Easi-Sump. In the event that the system needs to be activated the Cap-Link can be easily modified to accept a 110mm diameter pipe. This pipe can extend to a new termination point above the building and should contain the in-line extractor fan. 

Product Availability

Product Code Description Dimensions Pack Size
3006673 Easi-Sump Cap Link ESCL01 (straight) 166mm x 146mm x 151mm Each
3006676 Easi-Sump Cap Link ESCL02 (90 degree) 166mm x 182mm x 164mm Each





Easi-Sump Installation

By following four simple steps it is possible to remove radon from the foundations of a building.  

Step 1: Establish An External Position For The Easi-Sump Cap-Link 
Step 2: Install The Easi-Sump At Sub-Floor Level 
Step 3: Seal The Opening Through The External Wall Of The Building 
Step 4: Final Connection to the Easi-Sump Cap-Link 


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