Easi-Pour Flexi-Mould

Easi-Pour Flexi-Mould

Easi-Pour Flexi-Mould is a flexible foam bund designed to contain Easi-Pour Liquid Radon Sealant during the curing process.

The underside has a pre-applied, high-tack self-adhesive tape which is protected by a release paper. Once removed, the Flexi-Mould can be firmly bonded to the top surface of any Monarflex radon barrier membrane.

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible mould that can be formed to suit a wide variety of shapes.
  • Won't crease even when forming tight angles - ensures Easi-Pour won't leak before it has cured.
  • Self-adhesive underside for quick and effective seal to Monarflex membranes.
  • Designed to act as a depth gauge (30mm) to ensure correct amount of Easi-Pour Liquid Sealant is used. Improves QC and reduces waste.
  • Can be left permanently in place after Easi-Pour has cured.

Product Availability

Product Code Description Pack Size

Easi-Pour Flexi-Mould (750mm x 50mm x 30mm)




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