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Radon, Air & Moisture Protection System

Necoflex is Ireland's leading supplier of radon barrier systems for new construction projects. These are available from selected builder’s merchants and specialist radon contractors. Please contact our support team for further information.

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Radon Barrier Membranes

Radon & Gas DPC's 

RAM Radon Barrier System

Monarflex RAC
Monarflex Reflex Super 
Monarflex RMB400 
Monarflex RMB350 
Necoseal (unreinforced) 
Xtra-Load GRM
Easi-Load Radon DPC
Alumite Gas DPC



Accessories Range

All Necoflex radon barrier membranes are complimented by a comprehensive range of accessory products to ensure maximum compatibility and single source responsibility for the radon, air and moisture protection system. 

Tapes & Primers 


Monobond RT Double Sided Tape


Necobond Double Sided Tape 130

  Icopal SA Primer  

Monobond RT
Double-Sided Tape
Double-Sided Tape
  Icopal SA Primer    



Monarflex Top Hat units


Easi-Flash Self-Adhesive Radon Flashing


Easi-Pour Liquid Radon Sealant


Easi-Pour Flexi-Mould

Monarflex Top Hat    Monarflex MRX Easi-Flash Self Adhesive Gas Membrane   Easi-Pour Liquid Radon Sealant   Easi-Pour Flexi-Mould


Easi-Load Radon Corner Assembly             
Easi-Load Radon Corner Assembly            

Radon Sumps 




EasiSump Cap Link (straight)


EasiSump Cap Link (90 degree)

Easi-Sump    Easi-Sump Cap Link (straight)    Easi-Sump Cap Link (90 degree)    


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