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Icopal Necoflex has developed a close alliance with several independently owned radon membrane installation companies who offer a complete supply and install service to contractors and private home builders. As part of our support we provide product application training and a comprehensive technical back-up. 

As the current market leader in sound insulation, we are in a unique position to provide a one-stop source of products, service and technical support. Our range is one of the largest in Ireland, covering all new build, conversion and refurbishment applications whether the underlying floor structure is wood, steel or concrete.

Comprehensive solutions that include systems now universally accepted as the industry standard, proven over and over again in use. Recommending, specifying and installing the right solution are responsibilities we at Icopal Necoflex understand. We also know that product quality and ease of use are just some of the criteria to be judged when assessing a new supplier; just as important are the guarantees that underpin the quality of a system, and the backing of an experienced, knowledgeable team, able to work in partnership to ensure success.

At Icopal, we provide all this and more - supporting installation with, training, support, and regular updates as new products come on the market.

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safetyLatest News - RADON: Prevention is effective - but are we going to settle for a 50% reduction?

A recent report from the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) states that over 340 homes have been found with high levels of cancer-causing radon gas in the first five months of this year. It’s an important reminder of the need for continued effort to address this serious health issue.

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