Monarflex (TRC) Flamesafe Temporary Roof Cover

Monarflex (TRC) Flamesafe - Flame retardant temporary roof covering system

Monarflex TRC Flamesafe is recommended for temporary roof covering jobs where flame retardancy is an issue and where the LPS 1215 certification is required. The product is suitable for jobs with duration of up to 12 months and where the underlying structure allows for mechanical fixing of the sheeting.

Features & Benefits

  • The total enclosure of roofs with a scaffold enables work to continue on site
  • Enhances the security for the workers on the scaffold.
  • Monarflex Flamesafe TRC fire retardant options minimise the risk of fire propagation and may help to control insurance premiums. Should a fire take hold the sheeting will melt without igniting, so starving the flames of additional fuel.
  • Serves as a climate shield to protect workers, machinery and open constructions against rain, wind, snow etc.
  • Ensures a stable working climate on the scaffold so deadlines can be respected regardless of the weather.
  • High light transmission.
  • High durability against UV ageing
  • Protects the surroundings from any inconveniences e.g. particles or building dust from sandblasting or water jetting from roof renovation works.
  • When used with the unique HAKI Trak roof sections TRC can be opened and closed in just a few minutes
  • Suitable for screen printing.
  • Choosing The Right Product

     Duration of building project
    Placement of
    building site
    < 3
    3 - 6
    6 - 12
    > 12 
    Surrounded by high buildings  

    Urban / industrial area


    Coast / Offshore area

    Temporary roof
    covering system



    Should fire retardant sheeting be required on site then it’s important to choose the right Monarflex scaffold sheeting product. Our products are certified to LPCB standards of LPS 1215 for Super T Plus Firesmart, Stripe Firesmart, Scaffband Flamesafe and TRC Flamesafe. In addition the Super T Plus Firesmart and Stripe Firesmart also have the LPS1207 certification.

  • Product Range

    Monarflex Monarflex Temporary Roof Cover Flamesafe (TRC) is made from a three ply composition with the two outer layers being made from a extremely heavy duty weather resistant LDPE with flame retardant additives that encapsulates a strong multifilament polyester (PET) grid which forms the weather protection. On top of the sheet there are fixing bands of super high strength weave with a double coating over the bands to provide high durability. The bands are in pre-set pattern with 5 bands across the width and no pre made holes for optimal strength of the fixing.

    Product Code Description Roll Size Roll Weight
    3004010 Monarflex TRC Flamesafe 3.35 x 50m 56kg




    Delivery And Storage

    The Monarflex Temporary Roof Cover (TRC) is supplied in pallets of 16 rolls. Each roll is individually wrapped in PE foil with label and name identification. The rolls must be stored lying on a pallet under cover and away from heat and direct sun light. 

  • Product Data, Performance & Durability

    Performance Data:
    Material: Coated co-polymer LDPE with flame retardant additives
    Colour: White
    Reinforcement Grid: 9mm x 12mm mesh, 1670 dtex PET
    Weight per m²: 335 g/m²
    Tensile strength: >650N / 50mm
    Eyelet Pullout: >700N
    Eyelet per roll: At 100mm centres on five reinforced bands of 7.5cm
    positioned horizontally along the width of the sheet.
    Conforms to: BS7955:1999, BS8410:2007
    Fire Approval: LPS 1215
    Use: External use only



    Monarflex Temporary Roof Cover Flamesafe (TRC) can be used for roof work projects with a duration period of maximum 12 months. The product is designed for extreme weather conditions, which roofs are normally put through. The combination of high quality components forms a tough and durable sheeting for working conditions found in roofing works, such as renovation jobs. By using Monarflex Temporary Roof Cover Flamesafe you will get a durable and safe solution that will enable you to met deadlines and avoid economical surprises regardless of the weather and be safe in that it fulfils all relevant British Standards like BS7955:1999 and BS 8410:2007.

  • Application

    Monarflex Temporary Roof Cover (TRC) should be applied on a scaffold roof structure where a mechanical fixing of the sheeting can be made. Before installing the sheeting always consult current national regulations and health and safety rules and guidelines from the scaffold manufacture. The application must always be down from the outside in to ensure a secure fixing of the sheeting.

    Scaffold Sheeting Installation Advice 

  • Roll Size & Eyelet Configuration

    Eyelets at 100mm centres on five reinforced bands of 7.5cm positioned horizontally along the width of the sheet.


  • Screen Printing Options

    Monarflex Temporary Roof Cover (TRC) also offers you the world’s largest advertising medium to promote your business. The latest screen printing methods quickly turn the sides of a building into giant ‘billboards’.

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