Wrap any building, site or hoarding in a powerful, highly visible message. Cost effective options from the Icopal Monarflex scaffold sheeting range

Screenprint Flexoprint

Modern screen printing allows you to use colour imagery very cost-effectively, adding value both in terms of marketing impact and also in helping to keep valuable sheeting secure from theft.

Screen printing is suitable for large identical runs, allowing company names, logos, telephone or email details to be continuously repeated.

The main advantage of Monarflex Screenprinted Flexoprint® products are their relatively low cost for great exposure. However a minimum order quantity of 55 rolls scaffold sheeting applies and the maximum size of the printed message is 800mm x1100mm repeated along the sheet. If the minimum order quantity or the maximum image size are an obstacle to you, then our DigiWrap digital printing option will provide an ideal solution for your building site.

Features & Benefits

  • The most cost-effective way of printing on to scaffold sheeting
  • Minimum order quantities apply depending on sheeting option
  • Repeat image sizes of 800 mm x 1100 mm
  • Up to 40 images per 45m sheet
  • 7 colour print available. 

Web Enabled Scaffold Sheeting

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Screen printing is cheaper than you think.

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All Monarflex products are suitable for screen printing with the exception of Monarflex Airflow Flamesafe Containment Netting.

  • Super T Plus Firesmart and Clear for exceptional strength and wind resistance ,
  • Stripe Firesmart our mid range certificated sheeting
  • Scaffband Flamesafe and Clear Economy sheeting for short-term projects

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    Web Enabled Scaffold Sheeting

    Turn the sides of a building into an internet connected sales generation tool for your business or your clients business

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