Icopal Monarflex EuroStrap Scaffold Sheeting Accessories

Monarflex Eurostrap

Monarflex EuroStrap - The durable fixing choice for white sheeting.

Monarflex EuroStrap is a black 200mm EPDM rubber strap with a white polypropylene, high impact anchor designed to blend unobtrusively on DigiWrap printed Monarflex scaffold sheeting or any of our white FR sheeting.

Features & Benefits

  • The Monarflex EuroStrap is a high strength fixing accessory that resists stress in all directions due to its combination of a rigid impact resistant Anchor and EPDM rubber strap.
  • The unique white piercing Anchor ensures it blends in when used with our Monarflex DigiWrap printed material providing the unobtrusive fixing of extreme high strength and durability. 
  • The high UV stability of the EuroStrap ensures its long lasting properties are suited with our high end sheeting like our Monarflex Super T Plus material. 
  • The EuroStrap exceeds the requirements of BS7955 by 25% with a tested pull out strength of 750N.


Monarflex Eurostrap fixings can be used with the following systems:

  • Monarflex Scaffband, Super T Plus and Monarsound scaffold sheeting

Product Availability

 Product Code  Description Pack Quantity
 3003033  Eurostrap 100
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