Icopal Monarflex Anchor & Strap Scaffold Sheeting Accessory

Monarflex Anchor & Strap

Monarflex Anchor & Strap Fixings - The only wind-tunnel tested fixing system on the market.

This unique, patented system is quick to fit and withstands storm force winds. Anchor & Strap has been specially developed for use with Monarflex Super T Plus scaffold sheeting ranges. System performance exceeds the performance specifications in the British Code of Practice for Containment Nets & Sheets BS 8410:2007. The Anchor & Strap exceeds the requirements of BS7955 by 25% with a tested pull out strength of 750N

When passed through the eyelets the Anchor & Strap system effectively locks two sheets together, preventing wind-driven rain penetrating the scaffold and guarding against internal debris falling out through gaps in the sheeting.

Features & Benefits

  • Impact resistant polyamide with EPDM rubber strap.
  • Resists stresses in all directions while retaining flexibility to relieve stress across the sheeting surface.
  • Ensures the sheeting stays in place and maintains its shape.
  • Extreme holding strength exceeds BS7955.
  • UV stabilised.


Monarflex Anchor & Strap Fixing can be used with the following systems:

  • Monarflex Scaffband, Super T Plus and Monarsound scaffold sheeting
  • Monarflex Kederflex Temporary Roof Coverings 

Product Availability

 Product Code  Description Pack Quantity
 3002846  Anchor & Strap 100
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