Monarfloor Wall Cap RD2A

  • Isolates the party floor from the party wall.
  • Superior acoustic isolation.
  • Easily installed within current standard wall constructions.
  • Specified with Robust Details Appendix A2 as of November 2011.
  • Effective Edge Sealing as Defined in ADL1A (2010).
Acoustic Isolation and Energy Insulating System for Separating Party Cavity Walls within Multi-Rise new build Developments.

Monarfloor Wall Cap RDA2 isolates the party wall leaves from the separating floor, reducing the acoustic flanking sound transmission within the structure. Monarfloor Wall Cap RDA2 ensures the integrity of acoustic treatments for party walls and floors, and can be used in both masonry and timber new-build developments.

Product Range 

Product Code Description Roll

Monarfloor Wall Cap RDA2

(kit comprising 1 roll of Wall Cap RDA2 membrane and 30 Wall Cap RDA2 clips, 2 rolls of Wall Cap RDA2 quilt with 40 RDA2 ties).

8m x 400mm


Product Data and Performance 

Product Data

Wall Cap RDA2 Membrane – Bitumen composite with acoustically rated fillers and fire retardant.

Wall Cap RDA2 Clips – Structural grade galvanised steel.

Wall Cap RDA2 Quilt -reconstituted polyetherpolyurethane, with 40 ties .

Material thickness:

Wall Cap RDA2 Membrane – 3.5mm.

Wall Cap RDA2 Clips – 15mm wide x 104.9mm long x 75mm deep.

Wall Cap RDA2 Quilt – 10mm


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